John Preaching - Camels

We chase goals, gather our earthly treasures, build our castles, collect our funds, every day. All for good reasons. But how much is enough?

The Teacher in Ecclesiates said that the strivings of life is like the chasing of the wind. At the end, they alone cannot satisfy.

In Luke, Jesus warned the people that we must not give in to ALL KINDS of greed. It is the abundance of possessions that we need to stay away from.

How do we do that? How do we differentiate between what we want and what God wants for us?

Today’s Colossians reading tells us to renew our minds, get rid of the earthly things that are bad and put on our new selves in Christ, which we received when we died to self and are raised again with Christ.

How do we keep ourselves on the path? Worship, I feel, is the key. Private and public worship. The worship of God together with the congregation that we find ourselves in.

So come, now is the time to worship!

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