Last week, we kicked off our new Bible Study/Education class on “Exploring The Lutheran Heritage.” The class, held every Sunday morning at 9am (with a few exceptions, see below) in our Library/Meeting/Bible Study room, is a series that covers the fundamentals of Lutheran history, doctrinal distinctions, as well as explores some of our more ‘Lutheran’ practices, attempting to answer the question, “Why do we do things the way we do?”

The class outline is appended below and classes will run through to the end of October. Most of the topics run over two weeks or so, to make it easy for you to follow and to jump in at any time, too.

This class is especially for those who want to take up membership in BLC, those who want to be baptized/affirmed/confirmed, and also for all of us who have been around for some time but always wondered why we do what we do or what Lutherans are all about (In fact, someone just asked the other day… “Who are those OTHER Lutherans? What’s the difference?”) 

  • July 28: Reflections on “Grace” from Romans 1
  • Aug 4: Reflections from Romans 1 – 3
  • Aug 11: Exploring Lutheran History 1
  • Aug 18: Exploring Lutheran History 2
  • Aug 25: Exploring the Lutheran Denomination
  • Sept 1: No Class
  • Sept 8: Exploring Lutheran Distinctives of Faith 1
  • Sept 15: No Class
  • Sept 22: Exploring Lutheran Distinctives of Faith 2
  • Sept 29: No Class
  • Oct 6: Exploring Lutheran Practices: Worship & Liturgy
  • Oct 13: Exploring Lutheran Community: Membership in BLC
  • Oct 20: No Class
  • Oct 27: Reformation Service

So do come and join us on Sundays at 9 am!

We'd love to hear from you! Leave us a comment.

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