[Since we have just installed our BLC Council for 2013-2015, we thought it would be good to get to know them better. To do that, we are posting a profile of each council member – a profile a day for the next 8 days! The profiles will cover the roles and responsibilities of each council member, as well as a short question-and-answer interview – in their own words.]


As a Council Member, Rubini has been appointed to oversee what is known as the “altar guild”. Essentially, she:

  • Plots and plans the direction of the worship life of the church with the Pastor and Worship Catalyst, towards enriching the worship experience of the BLC Family
  • Oversees the non-music-centric worship enablers – including ensuring teams meet up regularly for training and teaching, that all roles are ready so that worship services can start on time
  • Specifically rosters: Greeters, Holy Communion Assists, Bible Readers, Altar Deco

Tell us briefly about yourself?
I was born in Ipoh on 28 April. The year shall remain a secret J .  I work as a Legal Assistant in a medium sized law firm in Kuala Lumpur. No husband, no children and no pets.

How long have you been at BLC and what were your first impressions about it, when you first came?
I first came to BLC in 2006.  I was one of the ‘lucky ones’ who had heard about the Stations of the Crosses that BLC was organizing that year and decided to check it out. I was hooked. I started coming for BLC’s Sunday Services ever since then.

What was your initial reaction to being asked to join/remain in Council?
I was surprised and happy at the same time.

What do you do during your free time?
To read and travel.

What’s your favorite…

  • Food? Bak Kut Teh
  • Drink? Spiked Coffee
  • Movie? Anything that has guns, explosions, fast cars and good looking heroes.
  • Smell? Coffee
  • Music genre? Hip Hop and Rock
  • Book or literary genre? Autobiographies and the literary works of Thomas Hardy
  • Conversation topic?  Any interesting book/article that I have read and ‘E News’.

What would you consider your strength(s) and weakness(es)?
A team player. Unfortunately sometimes I try to please too many people and end up not being able to assert my own ideas.

Can you share what your personal dream and aspiration is, for the next 10 years?
To achieve a balance in life between family, church and career.

What is your dream for Malaysia (or the world), for the next 10 years?
A government that is more accountable and less corrupt. A world that is less polluted.

What does it mean for you to follow Christ today?
To not judge and accept others for whom they are and understand that Christ came to save the sinners and not the righteous.

What do you think God is saying to you lately?
To be patient and faithful.

What’s the most random thing you can think of right… NOW?
The cool and crisp air of the Himalayan Mountains.

What’s the best way(s) to get in touch with you?

  • Call: +60 16 271 5067
  • Catch me on a Sunday
  • Email: m_rubini79[at]yahoo[dot]com

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