[Since we have just installed our BLC Council for 2013-2015, we thought it would be good to get to know them better. To do that, we are posting a profile of each council member – a profile a day for the next 8 days! The profiles will cover the roles and responsibilities of each council member, as well as a short question-and-answer interview – in their own words.]


Rev. Augustin Muthusami is the pastor of Bangsar Lutheran Church. As pastor, he is responsible for:

  • General oversight of the spiritual life and ministry of Bangsar Lutheran Church.
  • Proclaims the Word of God through preaching and the administration of the Sacraments.
  • Conducts services of worship in accordance with the faith and practices of the Lutheran Church.
  • Provides catechetical instruction.
  • Visits members of the congregation regularly.
  • Together with the Church Council, to supervise all activities and organizations of this congregation and to administer discipline.
  • Seek out and encourage qualified men and women to prepare for the ministry of the Gospel and strive to extend the Kingdom of God in the community, in the homeland, and abroad.
  • Member of the District Council which shall have the responsibility to co-ordinate the work in the District and to deal with spiritual and temporal matters concerning the District as a whole.
  • Participate actively in the life and work of the Lutheran Church in Malaysia submitting such regular reports as are required.
  • Serves as the main contact person for the church – mail correspondence, official letters, etc.
  • To oversee and report on behalf of the Youth, Sunday School and Family ministries.

Tell us briefly about yourself?
I hail from Penang, but was mostly brought up in PJ. My primary school days were in Seremban. My secondary school was Sultan Abdul Samad in PJ, and thereafter, College was Seminary Theoloji Malaysia when it was at SFX in PJ. After my seminary training, I was posted to Bukit Mertajam for nearly 8 years before returning to KL / PJ.

I was born on 7 December 1966, and was baptized in the same year. I am married to Deborah and have two sons: Timothy and Noel. My wedding anniversary is on 30th December. I am a Pastor. My passions are in teaching and training, and so I have been doing that for the past 28 years or so in some form or another. I have served in 4 other congregations prior to BLC.

How long have you been at BLC and what were your first impressions about it, when you first came?
I have been in BLC now for about 2 ½ years. People here know where to go for food…

What do you do during your free time?
Read fantasy novels…at the rate of 1 per year!

What’s your favorite…

  • Food? Chicken Rice
  • Drink? Coffee
  • Movie? Star Wars (TOS) / Star Trek / LOTR – you get the idea…
  • Smell? Freshly baked bread
  • Music genre? 80s
  • Book or literary genre? Fantasy
  • Conversation topic? Er…

What would you consider your strength(s) and weakness(es)?
I can teach and train. I can organize thoughts and processes.  As I get older, I suppose my main weakness is lack of patience… with stupidity!

Can you share what your personal dream and aspiration is, for the next 10 years?
Leave my mark on the world… by helping those around me reach their fullest potential in Christ.

What is your dream for Malaysia (or the world), for the next 10 years?
Stay safe, stay sane, and stay unique.

What does it mean for you to follow Christ today?
It’s a tough road that keeps changing as the days go by. The biggest challenge is to turn theory into praxis as I strive to obey and then realize that it is not striving, but being.

What do you think God is saying to you lately?
Live long and prosper.

What’s the most random thing you can think of right… NOW?

What’s the best way(s) to get in touch with you?

  • Catch me on a Sunday
  • Call: +60 10 779 6449
  • Email: revaugustin[at]yahoo[dot]com

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