This morning, in conjunction with Father’s Day (and BLC’s Parents Day Celebration), Rev. Thomas Low preached a very moving sermon based on the life and example of Joseph, the father of Jesus.

Tracing the life of Joseph, Rev. Thomas talked about how Joseph:

  • Was a loving man towards Mary, despite the circumstances when he felt betrayed and had the right to shame and divorce her publicly;
  • Was loving towards Jesus, despite the gossip and scandal that surrounded His birth, bearing the burden of ugly rumors for the rest of his life to protect his beloved son, Jesus;
  • Was a devout man who obeyed God (who packed up and went to Egypt, and then back again) and had faith in God; and
  • Was a wise man who redeemed time –  it is not how long you live, but how well you live. Even though it was likely that Joseph died early (there are no more references to Joseph after the incident at the Temple when Jesus was 12), his impact on Jesus was indelible – Jesus even became a carpenter like his father.

Fatherhood is a awesome and frightening blessing. May your children drive you even closer to God. Leave them a legacy that lasts, even until they face the Throne of God at the end of their days.

And, as fathers (biological, adoptive, spiritual, or even just being a “father figure”…), may we be like Joseph – loving, devout, and wise.

Happy Fathers’ Day!

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