In celebration of Missions Sunday, this morning Emily talked about being “Called and Equipped to be God’s hands and feet”, based on this week’s lectionary readings.

Participating in God’s mission of healing and reconciliation for the world is something we are all called to in many and various ways. At times the call is small and quiet, an inkling or a pull, and at other times it is blaring loud and clear. Though obstacles arise and things try to pull us away, God can carry us through whatever we have been called to.

As the widow of Zarapheth was commanded to provide food for Elijah, and though she was nearly out of food – the jar of meal did not run empty nor the jug of oil run dry, for as long as it was needed. God provided for their needs.

When God calls us, God equips us and provides for us to carry out God’s mission. The passage from Luke tells us what this mission is, as Jesus has compassion for the widow who has lost her only son. This compassion for someone who represents the epitome of great suffering in first century Palestine, reminds and reveals to us the great compassion God has for us.

This is what we are called to live in and to live out: Living in Christ’s compassion, we live out God’s compassion for the world.

This is God’s mission, which we are called and equipped to participate in.

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