BLC 11th AGM 20120429

This is to remind everyone that the Bangsar Lutheran Church 12th annual general meeting will be held next Sunday, 28 April 2013, after the Worship Service at The Father’s House.

During this year’s AGM, we will also be appointing a new Council for the 2013-2015 term. The Church especially seeks the prayers of the BLC family for this.

Members are requested to make time after service to attend the meeting. Regular worshippers who are not members of the church may attend the meeting as observers. Lunch will be provided.

In preparation for the meeting, kindly:

  • Pray and think over several important matters – especially the election of a new Council for the 2013-2015 term as well as continued wisdom, discernment and obedience for the ministerial and financial stewardship of BLC
  • Inform us if you are attending the meeting and the required number of pax for lunch
  • Ensure that you’ve picked up and read the necessary reading materials – minutes of the last AGM, ministry reports and accounts
  • Inform the church if you are unable to attend the meeting and would like to appoint a proxy

You may email the church at rumahpapa[dot]admin[at]gmail[dot]com if you need further clarification or help with any of the above.

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