Preaching from the John 12:12-16 this week, Pastor Augustin shared:

It’s easy to imagine the hordes of people cheering wildly as Jesus comes in on a donkey.

In a lot of ways, they were waiting for a hero – someone to free them from the yoke of Roman rule and all the difficulties that went with that. They greeted him with cries of “Hosanna to the Son of David” – seeing Jesus as David’s political heir and possible king.

Yet, we know the story. We have peeked at the last chapter. We know that the cries of Hosanna turn into cries of “Crucify Him”.

What caused this turn?

It’s basically that Jesus disappointed them. He did not live up to their expectations. He refused to live up to their need for a political saviour. He chose the way of the cross. His way of triumph was through death on the cross. Jesus’ words comes to us today: Take up your cross and follow me.

As we remember Palm Sunday, we are not just thinking about something that happened 2000 years ago, but we are also opening the door to Holy Week – a time of reflection and prayer as we take up the cross and follow him. We are called to crucify our ego on the cross – to turn from what we want to what he wants.

The key to not being disappointed by God is to put our ego to death on the cross. But this is not a one time thing. This is something that goes moment by moment.

As we walk with Christ through Holy Week, may it be a time of crucifying ourselves, and so, knowing the freedom of Christ even more.

Have a blessed Holy Week.

For those who didn’t understand how to fold the palm leaves into the shape of a cross during service today, here’s a helpful video as well as a step-by-step instruction!

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