This morning, Emily kicked off her sermon with a fresh illustration.

Well, fresh as in… an apple, which represents our lives. She then got Joanna to take bites out of the apple, representing the concerns of our lives. Emily then shared with us how, similarly, instead of bringing our selves as first fruits for offering to God, we bring God what’s left because we succumb to the concerns of our lives.


(No pressure, Joanna, just all of us watching you eat an apple awkwardly!)

She then continued from the Gospel reading of the day, John 12:1-11.

In the gospel reading today, Mary anoints Jesus’ feet with costly perfume.  It is an act of sacrifice, intimacy, acknowledgment of Christ’s kingship, worship, service, and witness.  It is done out of gratitude for what Christ has done, raising her brother Lazarus, and also foretells Jesus’ upcoming death.

As we have died through Christ and been given new life, we are left with a question: What will we do in response?

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