2013 is a milestone year for the Lutheran Church of Malaysia, in that it is celebrating its 60th anniversary. Rev. Calvin Lim visited our congregation and shared with us the LCM’s plans to celebrate this momentous achievement.

The theme for the 60th Anniversary celebration is “Blessed to be a blessing“.

For the past 60 years, LCM had passed through mountains and valleys, but it is obvious that we have experienced God’s blessings.  The LCM has been blessed by God in many ways, and it is important that we now see ourselves as a channel of God’s blessings to others.

God blesses us and then calls us to be a blessing. If we truly love our neighbors as ourselves, we should share the blessings we have with our family and friends.

It then went on to highlight some of the upcoming activities – so block your calendars accordingly and make plans to support!

  1. Pass on the Blessings 传送祝福 (24 – 28 Jan 2013) – a series of outreach visits by LCM HQ to share about the 60th anniversary plans
  2. Revival Conferences  培灵会 (29 March 2013 – Northern District; 30 March 2013 KL & Selangor District)
  3. Luther Tour 路德之旅 (22 April – 3 May 2013) – a study tour to German, visiting important landmarks from Lutheran history
  4. “60 Hours, 60 Ours” Youth Camp 倒数六十青年领袖营  (5-8 June 2013) – a special camp for youth, limited to only 60 participants and will run for 60 hours straight
  5. Praise Community Day  社区关怀日 (20 Jul 2013)
  6. 32nd LCM General Assembly 三十二届马来西亚信义会年议会 (30 August –  1 Sep 2013)
  7. LCM – LCS Combined Retreat LCM – LCS 联合退修会 (15-17 Sept 2013)
  8. Reformation Services  改教纪念崇拜 (26 Oct 2013  Northern District; 27 Oct 2013 Luther Centre; 2 Nov 2013  Southern District)
  9. 60th Anniversary & Christmas Thanksgiving Banquet  六十周年暨圣诞感恩晚宴 (25 Dec 2013)

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