The Lutheran Bible Training Institute (LBTI) is presenting a two-day class called  “Exploring a Theology & Practise of Worship for Our Times“.

Day by day, Christians gather together for public worship as they have done since the apostles met to pray, read the scriptures and break bread. The study of Christian Worship and Liturgy within theology seeks to learn how Christians have worshipped in the past, and to understand better the evolving worship patterns in today’s churches.

The Aim

The primary concern of this course is what happens in worshipping communities and our studies necessarily look for application to the contemporary church. This course will not tell you how the Eucharist should be celebrated or what the correct form of worship is, rather it will help you to understand how and why people worship today. The course will also encourage students to think and reflect theologically on worship and thereby begin to construct a theology and practice of worship that is relevant to the contemporary age, and yet is faithful to biblical and theological concerns.

The course does this by exploring worship from Biblical times to the contemporary age by  studying the most significant aspects of worship in the Old Testament, New Testament, the Early Church, Reformation, the various Denominational emphasis, contemporary worship expressions and finally the development and meaning of Lutheran Liturgy. The course addresses questions such as:

  • What is worship?
  • What is liturgy?
  • Why do we worship the way we do?
  • How can we make worship relevant to the people of today?
  • How did the Early Church worship?

Course Description

This course is a two-part module carried out over two Saturdays for about 6 hours each time. The teaching is delivered both through lecture as well as discussion. Notes will be provided. Participants will have time to engage with the material and crystallize their thoughts through group discussion.

The course will cover:

Part 1:  

  • Worship in the Old Testament
  • Worship in the New Testament
  • Worship in the Early Church
  • So what is Biblical Worship?

Part 2:  

  • Development of Worship Forms in Church History
  • The Reformation of the Mass by Luther
  • The Lutheran Liturgy
  • Contemporary & Charismatic Forms of Worship
  • Worship Today

Who should attend?

Church Leaders, Council members, Worship leaders, Liturgists, Worship Team members and anyone else with a passion for worship.

When and Where?

The module will be carried out at Bangsar Lutheran Church, 23 Jalan Abdullah, 59000 Kuala Lumpur (map and directions here) on Saturday, 2 March (Part 1) and 13 April (Part 2). The sessions will begin at 10 am, and should be over by 4 pm. Lunch & refreshments will be provided.

The Cost?

The cost for the module will be RM 90 per person, payable on the first day. However, in order to prepare for food, notes, etc., you are asked to sign up earlier. You may do so with your pastor or the contact below before 25 February 2013.

For further details, please contact: Rev. Augustin Muthusami – revaugustin[at]yahoo[dot]com.

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