This morning, we had John preach from the lectionary text for this week. He preached a very interesting sermon titled, “Should We Turn Water Into Wine, Too?” FR0015

He spoke about how Jesus turned water into wine at wedding in Cana – why? It was for the glory of God. Many times when we face life’s unexpected events, we tend to ask God to meet our needs our way our time. Rarely do we remember that Jesus performed that miracle the book of John called as signs. Jesus said it was done for the the glory of God.

The 1 Corinthians 12:1-11 spoke about the different gifts that the Holy Spirit gives. But note that it is always for the common good. Initially for John, the list of gifts were as a menu from which to ask God for – so that he could fulfill what he felt he needed to do in the will of God. Only upon greater reflection and prayer did he realize that God gives as the need arises and we should be faithful to allow God’s gifts to work through us.

What gifts do we have today? What have we been given? John pointed out that, in the past, we have focused too much on the gifts in the past and not enough on the giver. The scripture reminds us that there may be many gifts, many services, but only one God, one Lord, one Holy Spirit.

So remember the giver, and serve with whatever gifts given to you at any particular time. Remember – Why did Jesus perform signs? Why should you do the will of God with His given gifts? To glorify God!

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