I guess there are many ways of ending the old year, and rolling out a new one. We could spend it with friends, with family, with loved ones. We could spend it with a bunch of strangers at some event or venue. All of which are fine, and fun as well.

I have always thought of the crossover between one year and the next as a beautiful time – one that brings an end to one era, and opens up with hope, more than anything else, a new page. Perhaps the most appropriate place to do that would be at the feet of the Lord. Perhaps the most appropriate company to do that with would be our brothers and sisters in Christ, at the table of our Lord Jesus Christ. Pilgrims we are and it’s a good place to reflect, consider, let go, heal, ponder, reassure and move on with the Lord of all hope into a new year.

So, I would like to invite you tonight to a time of reflection, prayer, and hope at the Table of our Lord at 11 pm. Holy Communion will be celebrated. So come on over to Bangsar Lutheran Church for our watchnight Service with Holy Communion, tonight at 11pm.

– Rev. Augustin

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