This Sunday morning, we had the joy of celebrating worship service in fellowship with our brothers and sisters from Luther House Chapel, based at Luther Centre, PJ.


The worship team from Luther House Chapel led us into a wonderful time of worship (and, admittedly for some of us in the worship team, it was nice to hear a full band – something which we rarely get to enjoy on a regular basis at The Father’s House, BLC).


Pastor Augustin then preached a sermon to kickstart the first Sunday in Advent, titled “Arise, shine, for your light has come!“. He preached about regardless of how widespread the darkness, it can never overcome even the smallest flicker of light. Thus, Christ came into the world as a flicker of light – a tiny, helpless baby in a manger – yet the world cannot overcome Him. In the same way, each of us carry the light of Christ within us and are called to take this light to overcome the darkness of the world around us.


As Pastor Augustin concluded his sermon, he invited the BLC Carolers to share a song, titled “A Thousand Candles” with us.

Then, Pastor Thomas led us into a time to receive Holy Communion, assisted by Pastor Augustin as well as Pastors Zach and Emily Shipman.

Pastor Thomas Low

We had a wonderful time of fellowship and certainly hope to do it again soon! Thank you for hosting us, Luther House Chapel!

(Incidentally, it was kinda cool to see both Pastor Thomas Low and Pastor Augustin decked out in their Jedi robes!)

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