Since we announced our Tree of Hope initiative, we’re pleased to report that all the children tags have been taken up and we’ve started to receive some lovely messages via the Christmas cards that are being returned.

We’d also like to update you on some of the activities that are happening with Rumah Hope as we gear up towards our visit on 8 December 2012!

First, on 5 November, Sarah brought a team from Oh Jun Hair Salon to provide hair cuts for the children of Rumah Hope. Oh Jun, who is Korean and is based in Ampang, was certainly looking forward to do his part for a good cause and we are very thankful that he was willing to come with his professional team of stylists!

Then, yesterday 26 November, Sarah and Wan Ching went out and started purchasing school uniforms and shoes for all 50 children of Rumah Hope! A huge kudos to the two ladies, as well as Keat Lim and Wan Ching’s kids: Mynn and Jearn for helping out late into the evening as well!

The super-efficient Wan Ching organizing buying different shoe sizes for 50 different Rumah Hope kids!

Loading up the car with the very industrious help of Jearn and Mynn (not pictured)!

A car full of school uniforms and shoes for the 50 Rumah Hope kids!

A huge thank you especially to Sarah and Wan Ching, as well as the rest of the Giving Tree Life Group for organizing this!


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