As part of our Fathers’ Day celebrations today, Jemma shared with us a few examples of Fathers’ Day cards that failed:

  • You’re the best father I ever had. Wait, you’re the only father I ever had. Happy Fathers’ Day anyway!
  • You are the sweet smelling rose of our family, except when you come home from work, and when you exercise, and in the bathroom, and when you wake up. Happy Fathers’ Day anyway!
  • All of life’s important lessons I learned from you: like finishing the cake before the others get it; like hit them before they hit you; like lock up your wallet; and like say you’re unemployed when the tax man comes! Happy Fathers’ Day!
  • Dear Dad, on Fathers’ Day I am reminded of all those good times we shared – um, in front of the TV. Happy Fathers’ Day anyway!
  • Dear Dad, you’re the best, um, spanker, um, ever! Happy Fathers’ Day!
  • I love the way you smile… when you go out bowling with your friends. Happy Fathers’ Day!

Happy Fathers’ Day, anyway! 🙂

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