“Sing for joy to God our strength! Sound the ram’s horn at the New Moon, and when the moon is full, on the day of our festival.” For the Lord says, “I removed the burden from their shoulders; … you would be fed with the finest of wheat; with honey from the rock I would satisfy you.”  Psa 81: 1-3,6,16.

Gong Xi! Gong Xi!

As we step into a new Lunar New Year, my family and I wish all our pastors, members and friends a year blessed with God’s peace and joy. May your Chinese New Year also be filled with much happiness, good health, progress and prosperity!

I hope that all of us will take this festive occasion to renew and strengthen our relationships with God, family and friends. Learn to give and forgive, and be confident that, in this New Year, God will enable us ‘to do all things through Him who gives us strength.’

And don’t forget, drive safe when you ‘balik kampung’!

Bishop Philip Lok & Family CNY January 2012

“你 们 当 向 神 我 们 的 力 量 大 声 欢 呼 , 向 雅 各 的 神 发 声 欢 乐,唱 起 诗 歌 , 打 手 鼓 , 弹 美 琴 与 瑟 。当 在 月 朔 , 并 月 望 , 我 们 过 节 的 日 期 , 吹 角。” 神 说 , 我 使 你 的 肩 得 脱 重 担 , 你 的 手 放 下 筐 子 。他 也 必 拿 上 好 的 麦 子 给 他 们 吃 。 有 拿 从 磐 石 出 的 蜂 蜜 , 叫 他 们 饱 足 。 诗81:1-3,6,16






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